9/11 Public Discourse Project

Press Coverage

Press Coverage
December 27 Op-ed: As 9/11 watchdog role ends, who will pick up baton? (PDF)
Carie Lemack, USA Today
December 16 Op-ed: Terrorists will strike again (PDF)
James R. Thompson, The Chicago Tribune
December 5 Op-ed: A Formula for Disaster (PDF)
Thomas H. Kean & Lee H. Hamilton, The New York Times
November 7 9/11 study calls for refocused vigilance (PDF)
Matt Canham, The Salt Lake Tribune
October 26 Op-ed: Security mishmash (PDF)
John Fortier, The Hill
September 18 Op-ed: Do more have to die? (PDF)
Thomas H. Kean & Lee H. Hamilton, New York Daily News
September 11 Op-ed: Sept. 11's Unfinished Business (PDF)
Thomas H. Kean & Lee H. Hamilton, The San Jose Mercury News
September 9 Op-ed: Reviewing Our Defenses, Four Years After 9/11 (PDF)
Thomas H. Kean & Lee H. Hamilton, The Forward (NY)
June 14 Op-ed: Security reforms? Washington isn't in any rush (PDF)
Mike Kelly, The Bergen Record (NJ)
June 12 Op-ed: 9-11 panel's report must not go unheeded (PDF)
Thomas H. Kean & Lee H. Hamilton, The Baltimore Sun
June 11 9/11 commission preps for 'unfinished agenda' (PDF)
Richard Little, The Baltimore Sun
June 7 Modern Paul Reveres: 9-11 panel right to keep focus on security (PDF)
Editorial, The Dallas Morning News
June 7 Sept. 11 Follow-Up Panel Says FBI Needs to Improve Terror Tracking (PDF)
Scot Paltrow, The Wall Street Journal
May 18 Sept. 11th commission to assess progress on recommendations (PDF)
Lara Jakes Jordan, Associated Press
May 11 CIA Official Brings September 11 Report To Life for Engadine High (PDF)
Stephen Underwood, St. Ignace (MI) News
May 1 Tom Kean's summer school (PDF)
Mike Kelly, The Bergen Record (NJ)

The ten members of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States (known as the 9-11 Commission) have initiated a nationwide public education campaign for the purpose of making America safer and more secure. In so doing, the commissioners will give people throughout America the opportunity to participate in a debate that has been limited largely to those inside the Washington Beltway.

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The 9/11 Public Discourse Project ceased operations on December 31.



December 5: Report Card on Recommendations
Final Report on 9/11 Commmission Recommendations

  • Final Report on 9/11 Commission Recommendation (PDF)
  • One page summary of grades (PDF)
  • Prepared Statement (PDF)

November 14: Report Card on Recommendations
Part III: Foreign Policy, Public Diplomacy, and Nonproliferation

  • Download the Report (PDF)
  • Remarks (PDF)

October 20: Report Card on Recommendations
Part II: Reforming the Institutions of Government

  • Download the Report (PDF)
  • Remarks (PDF)

September 14: Report Card on Recommendations
Part I: Homeland Security, Emergency Preparedness and Response

  • Download the Report (PDF)
  • Kean-Hamilton Prepared Statement on Report (PDF)

National Archives: 9/11 Commission Records